One of the sales tactics that I have never been a proponent of is making cold calls.  I do not like to be solicited by someone on the phone or at my front door so therefore, it's not something I condone doing to others.  A lot of real estate agents depend on this for their business but it's not for me.  I'm not really sure what is going on but since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping track of the sales calls I get in one day.  For some reason, Mondays seem to be the worst.  For example, just yesterday, I received 10 calls soliciting me to buy something.  Most were real estate vendor companies trying to sell me lead generation or SEO for my real estate business.  A couple were calls from organizations asking me to send kids to the circus or help the men in blue.  Don't get me wrong, I am the first person to step up to help someone in need but the relentless calls asking for my money is getting old.

I recently was informed that these telemarketing companies have the ability to call through a local number.  This has really changed the game for them and I can't help but wonder who would have allowed this change.  At least in the past, I could opt to answer a 1-800 or 1-866 number expecting it was coming from a salesperson, but now with these local numbers calling in, I am being deceived into thinking it could be a customer or client calling me.  I have always prided myself on answering my phone when I'm available but now this is interfering with my business and time and I'm getting pretty aggravated.  I have also always prided myself on being kind and courteous to others but these sales calls are starting to make me angry and irritable.

The "Do Not Call" registry does not work for non-profit organizations so most telemarketing companies have found a way to circumvent the system and be registered as a non-profit which makes it legal for them to call you.

To help others that are fed up with sale calls and want to know what to do, one thing NOT to do is hang up the phone.  This registers as an unanswered call so therefore you can expect a call back.  The best advice I've been given is to tell the person who calls to "Remove me from your call list." Unless a contact says that phrase, organizations will keep calling. They must remove you from their call list when you make this request.  As soon as you're removed from their internal call list, though, you'll be taken out of the computer system.