We are seeing a very busy start in real estate for 2018 in The Woodlands area.  Normally, activity starts to pick up around the end of February, beginning of March, but this year has been a little different.  I started receiving calls in December from people wanting to list their homes after the first of the year.  I take this as a sign of things to come and if this is the case, I just wonder how busy we are going to be in the springtime?

I think most people are feeling pretty good about the economy and we know that investment accounts are looking pretty good so buying a new home may be on the minds of many Americans this year.  Interest rates have risen but a little over 4% is still a very good rate and should not be a negative impact at all on buyers.

So, the point of my conversation "Pocket Listings in The Woodlands" is to talk about getting the inside scoop on listings before they come on the market.  If we are busy so soon this year, I expect there will be a shortage of listings at time and buyers are going to be scrambling to find homes to buy.  I consider myself a 50/50 Listing Agent/Buyer Agent meaning I work with Sellers and Buyers equally.  I have been in the real estate business for a while and I always have listings in the back of my mind that may not be on the market but may be available if a buyer is looking for a particular property.  We put a lot of deals together without ever putting the home on the market in MLS.  Most agents who have been in the business for a period of time will have some listings we call "pocket listings."  So, when you are in the market for a home, it's important to get with an agent and let them know what you're looking for so they can keep their eyes and ears open to have the first opportunity to get a buyer into a home before it goes on the market.  My team has many homes coming on the market the next few weeks and months and most of our sellers are open to showing their homes prior to it going officially on the market.  We also have close relationships with other agents in the area and we network with them to know what they may have coming on the market.  This is what is meant by pocket listings.  They are listings that aren't in the MLS or broadcast publicly yet but available to be shown.  I often have situations where sellers will tell me they will consider selling their home if I know someone looking but they aren't ready to put their home on the market and have showings every day.  It works both ways for buyers and sellers.